BlogNewsPolitical West Wants To Sanction Tucker Carlson Over Putin Interview

Political West Wants To Sanction Tucker Carlson Over Putin Interview


One EU official who wished to remain anonymous told Newsweek that any sanctions would require evidence that Carlson is “linked to Moscow’s aggression”, something that “is absent or hard to prove”. What this means is that the sanctions would be illegal. However, the political West never had any issues circumventing its own laws for political reasons. After all, this is the centerpiece of the vaunted “rules-based world order”. Continue…

BRICS is an informal group of states comprising the Federative Republic of Brazil, the Russian Federation, the Republic of India, the People’s Republic of China and the Republic of South Africa. The growing economic might of BRICS countries, their significance as one of the main driving forces of global economic development, their substantial population and abundant natural resources form the foundation of their influence on the international scene.

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